Newby & Scalby Library

450 Scalby Road, Scarborough, YO12 6EE

Phone: 01609 534059



Co-Op Local Community Fund

We’re pleased to announce that our library has been chosen to take part in the Co-Op Local Community Fund. We’re raising funds to pay for a new door leading from the library into our garden so that visitors don’t have to walk through the children’s area to access it, and so we can continue to subsidise children’s activities such as Kathy Seabrook’s and Liz Million’s visits. Click on the link for more details. When a Co-Op member buys selected products or services from the Co-Op they earn a 5% reward for themselves with a further 1% for local causes like ours. We hope people will visit the Co-Op website and choose to support us. Our local store is at Newlands Park.