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Visit of Super Readers from Barrowcliff School!

Around 25 Key Stage 1 pupils from Barrowcliff School visited the library on 19 July 2017.   When they arrived, Outreach Librarian Heather French congratulated them on their fabulous reading achievement since each child had read 140 books or more in the past year.  She explained how the library was set up and showed them the different types of books to be found, then read ‘Library Lion’ to them, and ‘Would You Rather?’  They talked about their favourite books and why they enjoyed them, had a books and authors question and answer session and listened attentively to Heather when she told them about the Summer Reading Challenge.  The pupils were all very keen to share their ideas and chose at least one book each to take home with them after they’d had some refreshments.

The photos show Heather French reading ‘Library Lion’ to the pupils.